#TeamChitoge VS #TeamOnodera

Sunday, August 07, 2016

finally war ish over~

well if you seen a Fanspage on Facebook

or anime ig they'll post it im sure XDD

im not really into it actually, cause the war has begun from a really long time ago

but its fun to watch many people is discussing it XDD

well one of my friend is watching the anime tho

and he asks me "which sides are you?

ill just answer "well im netral" XDD

well he didnt want to follow the comics too so he just watching the whole internet same as me XDD
do you know who is it? ;D


well i didnt read much about it

but from what i know at first yep Raku loves Onodera and the girl who was he met at child was Onodera, time passed by finally he realized that Chitoge a lazy girl, a blabbing girl seemed attractive to him and he didnt want to lose Chitoge, so yeah he choose Chitoge

the hurtful things after that was...

Foto kiriman Anime Instagram Indonesia (@animeinst_ind) pada

someone who made the cake was Onodera Kosaki TAT

well i know that feel Onodera TAT

poor Onodera TAT

its really hurt for her, im sure

and do you know what happen to Raku?

Raku becomes a 2nd Boss of Yakuza Clan

well then Chitoge will be the waifu of the Yakuza Clan ofc XDD

Chitoge? well she's become a designer

and goes travel around the world


told ya before Onodera make a Wedding Cake for Raku-Chitoge's wedding party

so yeah she's become a pattisire~

and open a cake shop i think

Onodera Fans be like

lol lol lol XDD

dont worry that just an edited image XD

mungkin mereka tidak terima, karna Onodera tidak terpilih sebagai waifu nya Raku

if you want to know the detail of the story goes here~

ohh and there's a meme about the rejection of onodera XDD

i found it on Instagram actually

Foto kiriman Anime Instagram Indonesia (@animeinst_ind) pada


well i know some of the anime on that Rejection Squad

ask me in the comment below if you want to know~

till then~ byee~

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8 otaku's

  1. well i know in SAO, most of girls are Kirito's rejection squad. hahahahha except for Asuna tho XD

    1. IKR XDD
      have u watched ore no imouto? :o
      the boys reject all the girl except his own sister XDDD

  2. akhirnya tamat juga

    saya juga ngepost yang macam begini di blog saya haha

    1. lol yeah XDD
      finally the war is over bruh :D

  3. I always in #ChitogeTeam.
    Sadly,i`m didnt finish this anime yet :'(

    1. actually i didnt watch the anime XDD
      and i think i dont want to watch it XDD

      to many dramaaaa~~ XDDD

  4. #TeamChitoge

    btw itu oreimo heroinnya beneran milih adeknya sendiri? njay :v semoga eromanga-sensei juga sama :v

    1. ho'oh oreimo si cowo nya beneran milih adeknya sendiri :v

      yatuhan saya malah berharap jangan sampe eromanga-sensei dibikin kea oreimo

      jatoh rating ntar :v


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