Anime Chart Winter 2014/2015

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Anime Chart Winter 2015

so yeah sorry for not upload the AniChart season

cause yeah i dont follow anime so much, so i will post a chart when there was anime i follow

and i will wait for the V3 from Neregate cause that was the fix version

and thanks too for Anichart it really helped me and the other website through

now the recomendation...

  • Aldnoah. Zero 2
  • Dog Days"
  • Durarara!!x2 Shou 
  • Kantai Collection 
  • Kuroko No Basket 3
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita◎
  • Tokyo Ghoul √A
and i will explain it here

1. Aldnoah Zero Season 2

Seeking for revenge, Count Saazbaum, a Martian, attacked the Earth. Later on, the war between the Terrans and Martians ended with Earth's Terrans gaining the victory. However, nineteen months later, the battle between them continues. Martians still continues to invade the Earth and the Terrans to protect it.

same at the first season so yeah and the second was the continuation from the first season, i still didnt watch it but im sure this anime was great

2. Dog Days Season 3

Third season of Dog Days. It takes place two to three months after the second season during fall vacation.


3. Durarara!!x2 Shou

A second season of Durarara!! is in the works. The story takes place a half year after the first series at Tokyo's Ikebukuro neighborhood.

The first part, "Shou," or "Understanding," will air in January 2015.

this anime took so long for the 2nd season :sigh
i dont remember when i watch the s1 trough since this was too long :why

4. Kantai Collection

The base for the fleet arrayed against the "deep sea fleet" is Chinjufu. There, many various Kan-musume have gathered to live together and work hard everyday in training and other matters. One day, a Kan-musume arrives at Chinjufu, She is a special class of destroyer. Her name is Fubuki. "I am Fubuki! Nice to meet you!" Fubuki's story — as well as the Kan-musume's story — begins now.

if you did play the KanColle game i'm sure you know this one, since this anime was based on that game anyway~

5. Kuroko No Basuke Season 3

Seirin High School's basketball club has gained the right to go to the semi-finals of the Winter Cup. Seirin has become the topic of conversation after beating Aomine, a member of the Tōō Academy's "miracle generation," and Murasakibara of Yōsen Academy, and the team renews their determination for the semi-finals.

Pushed on the back by Kuroko, Kagami tries to reconcile with Himuro off the court. However, he saves Himuro and Alex when they are being attacked by a man. The man attacking them is Shōgo Haizaki of Fukuda Integrated Academy. A former student at Teikō Middle School, Shōgo was one of the starting members of the basketball team.

so yeah if you remember the 2nd season of this, seirin still didnt meet the Rakuzan team right? so i bet here we are will me on one court

6. Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2

Second Season of Kamisama Hajimemashita

they told me this anime was great, so maybe i will watch it next time... :shrug

7. Tokyo Ghoul Season 2

Second Season of Tokyo Ghoul

i dont know too what is this anime about, but i know this anime will be some of gore i think :ogw

so yeah that's the anime list i will watch for winter season

how about ya? :lala

tell me at comment if you had another recomendation~ @shake2

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4 otaku's

  1. Tokyo Ghoul Root A !!!
    udh sampe ep 4 di animeindo :v
    betewe, honto ni? masa senpai gg tau tokyo ghoul?
    duhh varah-varah..

    1. bukan gatau apa,gatau karna belom liat :v

  2. kaaaaaaaa death parade kaaaa wajibbb
    itu seru bangetttt ;;;;v;;;;

    1. okeee :3

      nanti kakak ke tekape nya dulu deh yaa


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