RIP Google+ My G+ Account and New Activity

by - Saturday, September 21, 2019

hii there fellow reader out there

kyuute bulbasaur uwu

okay im not sure it is the right time for me to saying all things happen in the past few months? or years? idk but i hope some of you didnt forget me cuz yeah im still here eventhough my G+ account was lost orz


it had a lot efforts to make that one :(((
why its not popular anymore? i dont know so all i can do is go back to the old Profile Blogging

ohh anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me too ahahah its kinda late one month though but meh who's care?
im 23 years old this year 💕
Happy Birthday For mee~~~~ 💕💕

by the way im still jobless... yep JOBLESS eventhough what i did now just helping out my mom and things just go BOOM and here iam.
and my activity? yep im sorry if i forget about blogging and such a things hehe

i've graduated from my university at 2018 on February and yep i dont have any idea how i could graduated too but im happy at least i didnt do something bad and my GPA is standard one
im still playing game especially Granblue Fantasy  but i cant do blogging cuz i dont have any new laptop yet but ill try to blogging from laptop on my workspace though eventhough its not really comfortable

im still love eating and watching an anime go to my MAL watchlist to see my watching anime status anyway im going to watch Puella Magi Madokanism the movie eventhough i dunno is it good? cuz the series was a bit dark though 😱😲 but i enjoyed the story so much
and my status is still IN LOVE WITH 2D~ 
anyway have u ever heard a new PV anime pocarisweat? its kind of cool ill leave the YT link here~
its used for looking a highschool talent dance competition

is it remind you of something? 😉 i do~ tell me in the comment maybe we share the same though about the PV~
okay maybe thats it for today~
ill share anything again soon~
and catch up with you guys soon enough~~

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