My Semester Ish Gonna End Soon

Friday, September 23, 2016


hey there~~

its been a while since my last posting in this blog XDD

was busy with irl stuff actually

im now at 5th semester, and Inshaa Allah next year i will be graduated. Amin XDD

just dont ask me about how was my 5th semester is going

cause if someone ask me about that maybe my reaction will be like

its kinda sad isnt? TAT

i didnt watch anime for a while

busy with da report stuff, databases stuff, homework, and many more

maybe im going to cry soon like the boys at the middle post TAT

i just dont know where to start it

but i hope i can make it on-time 

will going to be off again for a while

maybe till my last semester TAT

sorry, but ill keep looking at the chatbox :D

so leave your chat on the chatbox, ill be waiting ;D

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