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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Gotta Catch Them All!!! :D

i dont know if u has seen a news on the internet

the Niantic Inc has released the Official Pokemon GO on the Playstore

you doesnt have to use FakeGPS anymore to play it anyway :p

just download it from PlayStore and you can enjoy catch the Pikachu and all of the pokemon :D

then if you asks me, "Did you play PokeGo?"

ill answer "well i want to, but my phone got broken while im install it, so now ill try to reset, maybe i dont want to play it anymore :( "

yep broken phone, and i have to reset it all again, when im installing the update for the Android it got an error message

i gave up 

i dont really like pokemon btw :p

if there's a development make a games like a Pokemon but the Pokemon has to be changed to the anime boys, ill play it ofc XDD

cause i need an anime boys not a pokemon :p

here's some pics that i took on the Internet

the avatar looks like and some maps that has a pokemon on it

woaaaaah magikarp X3
well its in the PokeStop i think XD ohh and there's a Magikarp too :o

who will win? :D
and its the PokeWar i think XDD

well enjoy your search of the pokemon~!!!

i will be watching here :p

cause a husbando is more than a pokemon~

till then~ bye~~

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4 otaku's

  1. need waifus go
    catch the waifu yeaaah

    1. i need a husbando go XDD

      catch the husbando~~ and you'll be fine XDD

  2. I enjoyed watching people play the game. But I don't play it bcs I'm so lazy! Hahaha

    1. neither do i XDD

      i dont play it, but i enjoy to watch someone play it XDDD


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