A New Follower Widget : Better OR Worse?

Friday, August 12, 2016

some of the hotties <3

many of the bloggers seen this i think

a new follower widget

well it will allow us to follow a blog in a fast ways

but still there's something about the new follower widget

new follower widget

this new one, didnt show us a followers blog

if we clicked on one of the follower pic, it'll be shown like

it just show a blog that we follow

it was great i think

but i hate it when i have to search of their blog

cause the old one is 

will show the owner's blog

now its hard for me to see their blog from the follower profile

hope the blogger developer gonna fix this soon :(

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2 otaku's

  1. I think the unfollow button is idk but I think it's unnecessary. Huhuhu


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