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Thursday, July 28, 2016

seems like the rain is sooo annoying =3=

At first, thanks for my blog visitor, even if i didnt post much in here anymore due to my school sucks activity, and thanks again for those who always comeback just to read my unimportant blog XDD i apreciate it really :D
ill make sure to update while i have a free time.

the reaction when you see a loli *.*

Well and right now im busy with my school life, road to 5th semester now,and yeah i have to do something like KKN or Kuliah Kerja Nyata, but in my place it was called by KKP or Kuliah Kerja Praktek, we have to search for a Government building ti serve them for 1 months, and that will be started on 1st day of august XDD well since monday, i goes in the morning to campus just for looking a docent for a sign, its tired really, i hope its gonna end soon TAT


And you know what is da meaning of this? NO ANIME FOR 1 MONTHS!!! well im gonna miss all of my anime collection Xo
ohh dont worry i have prepared some entry for the future XDD
happy reading minna~ :D

ohh and again the beat has been changed to Caliburne
i dunno who created the music, i just know if the music was created for a game named MaiMai
enjoy the song minna :D

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2 otaku's

  1. Ow. School is really tough. Wishing you all the best. You can do it! :)

  2. Fighting!!! ahahahaha (I'm on semester break) mwehehehe (evil smirk) XD


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