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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Hatoful Boyfriend
By The Pigeon and For The Pigeon~ -- Pigeonation's Inc

so yeah shiro was here..~

at this late night i will give you all some of my Visual Novel Collection :blush

the genre was Otome game, which there's less girl but more guy 

and you dont have to be worried its safe at all :2yosh

none hentai scene or some of yuri or yaoi scene since this otome game~ :2blush

on Steam there has the #13 ending

the last one was about the Azami itself not the Torimi Cafe Endings

so if you want to get the bonus Ending play it on Steam~

so here it is~

Hatoful Boyfriend (はーとふる彼氏) is a dating-pigeon simulator game that made by Moa Hato

Moa was a great author his artwork was like a professional~

the story was about the girl and his school life at St. Pigeonation, which has so many doves and type of birds. At the first scene the human and pigeon was friendly but at least because the accident on the past they're almost went to fight...
so your mission here was to prove the promise that you made on the past..

and here's the character~ :X3

1. Kawara Ryouta 

Kawara Ryouta Human Portrait
ED no.1 Kawara Ryouta - While it Lasts
Kawara is the first character that we meet on the first day at St. Pigeonation gate,
he was a nice guy, but he's a weak guy, sometime we found he was goes to infirmary for take care of his health

2. Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya Human Portrait
ED no. 2 Sakuya - Into The Night
ED no. 3 Sakuya - Song of the Foolish Bird

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya was a birds that shown up at the first day on the class as the transferred student from France (?) he was a child from Le Bel family before he found the truth at the last scene. I wont tell you the truth cause it may contain a spoiler~ :2lala

3. Fujishiro Nageki

Fujishiro Nageki Human Portrait
ED no. 4 Nageki - Dream's End
Fujishiro Nageki at first i think he was a girl but he was a boy for real :--, he was a freshman, we will find him at the library, why? cause Nageki was 'something' at the library.
At first he didnt know that if he was 'something' before we told it to him. There was a shock moment at the real story on the last

4. Sakazaki Yuuya

Sakazaki Yuuya Human Portrait
ED no.5 Yuuya - Yuuya Only Lives Twice

Sakazaki Yuuya was Sakuya's brother, but not sibling i think, Sakuya and Yuuya are related on their mother's side. Yuuya's mother remarried to the Le Bels, He was born on France, he will die at the last scene, before die he told Sakuya if Sakuya wasnt... (( write by yourself, this entry no spoiler content by the way XDD :2blush)). He was a nice character for girl~ cause he was so romantic person i think, when he greet a pretty girl he will say "Salutation~ Mon Amie~"

5. Oko San

Oko San Human Portrait
ED no.6 Oko San - Until Next Time
ED no.7 Oko San - A Pudding Odyssey

Oko San was a marathon guy, i dont know why his portrait was same as he's bird transform XDD
he was a Gym President since he run so fast. He's talk like "Coo...Coo" XDD

6. Kazuaki Nanaki

Nanaki Kazuaki Human Portrait
ED no.8 Kazuaki - What May Come 
Kazuaki-sensei was the girl homeroom teacher. He often fell asleep in the class while teaching, not just when he's teaching, but you will find he was fell asleep too at the teacher room,  he teach a science and math lessons. He was my favorite character on this game~ :love

7. Iwamine Shuu

Iwamine Shuu Human Portrait
ED no.9 - Iwamine - Such Beautiful
Eyes You Have
ED no.10 Iwamine - The Happy Couple

Iwamine Shuu was a doctor on St. Pigeonation's, he was a weird guy i think, cause of his crazy experiment at infirmary, there was some student lost when they go to the infirmary. I wonder what happen anyway? :?

8. Higure Anghel

Higure Anghel Human Portrait
ED no.11 Anghel - To the End of Emptiness

Higure Anghel was a bird that has a blood on his chest, i dont know why there's a blood on it, i dont have any clue either. He has so many imagination on his head. He will call the main character Edel Bleau, oh right he was at the Manga Club at St.Pigeonation

9. Koshiba Azami

ED no.12 Azami - Carve it Into Your Soul, Kid! LOVE✰BLASTER!

I dont have a human portrait of Koshiba Azami, cause the portrait will be shown at the second playthrough of the Hatoful Boyfriend - Holiday Star.Azami was a Java sparrow that Hiyoko meets after getting lost on a jog. He was shown at the middle story with his scooter he will accompany you to come home after jog

like i said before there was the second series of this game

oh right this game was made by Moa Hato-senpai

and here was an Official Website of Hatoful Boyfriend~

ohh and an important annoucement is you should buy this game if you need to play it~ :2lala

ohh right and here was some CG of the game~

oohh the Torimi Cafe was real X3
Torimi Cafe was a place when we can
get the Torimi Cafe Ending

sorry i cant gave you the link download, maybe i will gave it if you message my email :keke

until then matta nee~

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