[ RPG ] Wadanohara and The Great Blue Sea

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Because I... more than anyone else... I love you...-- Samekichi

yo minna~

im here for bring a new game :3

i have ended this one, it's an rpg one :o

if you dont like it just go away from here XDD

the story was about the Daughter of The Great Sorcerer named Wadanohara

let us just call Wadda for short

its about Wadda's adventure, i mean yeah...

Wadda and his familiars...

the story was begin with her and his familiars

oohh and the Deep Sea Town too :3

dan tentang seorang teman yang tidak bisa Wadda lupakan...


and here was some CG's :3

curious huh? XDD

okay its a free game :3

so i will gave all of you the Download link :3

thanks to vgperson for translate it into English language :D

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