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Monday, March 05, 2018

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

The game was RPG based on browser, you can play it with both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, ohh and dont worry it has the Android Version tho, i'll give you all the link below soon it has the animation too maked by A1-Picture, no wonder if the graphic was soo good 😎😎

Gran, Vyrn, and Djeeta

The Story was about the world of the skies, where many islands drifts in the sky, the story was about the boy named Gran (( psst... the Main Chara name in the game was Gran too for the boy, but the girl name was Djeeta )) and a talking noisy lizard named Vyrn they both live in the city named Zinkenstill an island that contains so many mystery on it. One day theyre come across the girl named Lyria. Lyria is the prisoner of Erste Empire, a military government that wanted to take over the world, this girl has a mysterious aura on her, that's why the Erste Empire was captured her. In order to escape from the Erste Empire, Gran and Lyria head out into the vast skies. Gran was looking for his father that based on the letter dat left behind which said,

"I will be waiting at Estalucia, Island of Stars"

The Story only 12 episode, and it was end until theyre recruited Io, the  Mage which is a student of Tzaka the Great, the Archduke of Valtz, she still new with the magic, but she's so talented, there's a monster called Primal Beast here, Lyria is the person who can controlled all of the Primal Beast, she can call them later for help, but there's some of them who still controlled by The Erste Empire, that's why Lyria need to control all of them. 

Lyria and Gran

anyway the game itself was made by Cygames, i dont know how many is the Main Story of the game, but a lil bit of the game was being animated by A1-Pictures, right now the game was held the event called What Makes The Sky Blue II : Paradise Lost, part I is over at i dont remember it but im sure it was end at the last day of february, between 20 feb i think? but i dont know

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost is a story event which also commemorates the 4th Birthday of Granblue Fantasy. This event is the sequel to What Makes the Sky Blue.

Same as another RPG games, it has a Gacha event that depends on your own luck if you are a Super Duper Highschool Luckster, maybe u'll get all of the Super Super Rare (SSR) Character 😏😏😏😏😏
but if you are not, just wait until the Legend Fest or maybe the Flash Gala event, cause the SSR Drop Rate will be 6% than the usual SSR Drop Rate that only 3% (( pssst... im sure the KMR-sama a.k.a Kimura the man behind the game is want us to get stressed cause of the Drop Rate things, many people was hate that KMR-sama XDDDD ))

The Event What Makes the Sky Blue was a story about a Guardian of Lucifer (( Lucifer is kinda like an Angel that has six wings at his back )) named Sandalphon i think this Sandalphon was jealous cause Lucifer is like didnt want him anymore, thats why he was being controlled by a darkness called Fallen Angel here.

at last of the story the Lucifer was died cause of the monster called Avatar controller was killed Lucifer

i was crying tho when our ikemen goddess Lucifer was died 😭😭😭 
soo yep Rest In Pieces Our Goddess Ikemen Lucifer 😭😭😭

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