Saturday, January 21, 2017

anyway i keep replaying this scene tbh XDD

okay at first im so sorry i didnt post anything for a.... year? maybe? XDD
well i dont remember it though XDD
many things happen at 2k16, but i didnt want to tell it now
ill tell you ASAP when i was back

now i need to focus on my last semester XDD
well ill be graduated at 2k17 so yeah busy year~
my Wi-Fi went off cause we have to move away to another place
and the provider said theyre cant install the Wi-Fi
i know it sucks right? :(

without Wi-Fi i cant post anything in here. So sorry~
oh but dont worry, im still watching anime though :p cause its offline ofc XDD
when im back, ill edit all of this blog XDD

still loved the dance <3 

anyway im not sure i can be back at 2k17
but im trying my best :)
so just wish me luck kay :D 

why did i put utapri to be at this entry?
cause im watching it now XDD and still watching the S3 though :p

alright, ill introduce you to my new husbando~
from utapri ofc~

plis welcome~ Aijima Cecil~ <3 <3

ohh right here's the full video though :p 


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2 otaku's

  1. wish you good luck in your last semester and can find another source of internet to keep posting new entry :)


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